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At JK Electric, our clients have some positive things to say about us because we put their needs first. We provide simple, honest service and never cut corners, and because of these things we are frequently recommended to others.

WOW. I installed a ceiling fan with light kit in my dining room a couple years ago, and the 100W halogen light was really dim (like a night-light), even though the fan worked just fine at hi, med, low speeds.

This man’s honesty and eagerness to help (free of charge) has made my day! He could have totally come over to troubleshoot in person and charged me for it. Thank you, Jim, for solving my two-year-old lighting debacle and saving me $$. We no longer have to eat in the dark! 🙂

Ananda T.

I’m a loyal consumer when it comes to the service industry. I figure if you’re happy with your past business then you should definitely keep them in mind. As such JK was not my “main” electrician contact. The electrician I have used in the past was all booked up on emergency cases. So I checked out the reviews online, made some phone calls, and had JK electric come out and give me a hand.

The guy was genuinely nice, and was not trying to rip me off or take all day. He was in a rush! His fee was $70/hour, and for that you get to see him run around like a mad man in a dash to fix your problem as fast as possible.

I had about 5 plug outlets unscrewed, a lighting fixture hanging from the ceiling, and a couple light switches all dismantled. He was going around with his meter to figure out exactly where the problem was.

1 Hour later… problem solved… fast, efficient… this guy is awesome and I would send him to my Grandmother’s house…so you know I trust him! 😉

Kristopher M.

We sold our house in Denver to a party that had rather strange demands for conditions of sale. In this case, it was electrical bonding.

We called Jim because of the reviews on Yelp (despite the small sample size), and we’re glad we did.

He was unsure about the necessity of the work. He went and reviewed things with the State, and found out our home was indeed up to code. The Buyer’s Agent was a piece of work (even beyond the scope of this being a buyer’s market), so Jim went ahead and did all the work at a very reasonable price and was very professional and prompt.

Highly recommended.

Joe C.

Once upon a time, there was an electrician. He called to remind you of the appointment you set because you requested it as life was being particularly frantic. He showed up ten minutes early and politely waited if you weren’t quite ready. He was nice to your cats…all three of them :-/ He walked in, and didn’t waste a second (charges by the hour). He patiently and explained what was wrong as he went, if you were interested. He tactfully told you not to screw in your light bulbs so tightly, so no, you didn’t have to sue your neighbor. He screwed in and checked every bulb that may not have been dead after all. And just like that, he was gone, except that your problems were solved. All for $65 per hour.
Thank you, thank you, thank you JK Electric. Thank you Jim.

Moe H.

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